The Euro Championship has been suspended for one year

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The Euro Championship has been suspended for one year. The news of Kopa America came after it was cut short. The Coronavirus Terror, like the Euro in 2020 Latin America competition is also a year behind. In June and July 2021, the joint host of Argentina-Colombia will be the Copa America of Messi-Neymar.

Latin American players have a sluggish time during the Euro Championship. Again, while their European club teammates are on vacation, Latin American players have to move to Copa America. To overcome this situation, the Copa is planned to be held annually in the Euro, and the fight for Latin American superiority is set for 2020.

Copa America, therefore, has been left behind after the euro was suspended.

Alejandro Dominguez, president of Constable President of Latin American Football’s highest controlling body, confirmed the news today (Tuesday). At the same time, he said, the new index will be Copa America from June 11, 2021, to July 11, 2021. The same is true of the new Euro Championship schedule.

The constables did not want to take any risk of Corona’s terror. So Kopa has decided to give it a year back, said Dominguez, ‘a really awkward situation now. Everyone should be careful to stay away from the virus. It was not an easy decision at all. But the health of the players and the Latin American football family have to take that into consideration. ”

In the previous index, Copa America was supposed to begin on June 12, 2020, and end on July 12. But in the next year, the competition has to take on the Corona Panic. More news

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