Angry Neymar tackles PSG after Champions League defeat

Champions League Neymar

He repeatedly said, ‘I’m ready to play’. Still, the club did not risk taking the field. Neymar has taken his finger on Paris Saint-Germain following a 2-1 loss to Borussia Dortmund. The Brazilian forward is upset with the question of why he has not played in the Champions League last six games, as well as failing to give his best in the lack of preparation.

Neymar has had to stay out of the field for two weeks in a rib injury. Although the former Barcelona forward claims, the injury was not so serious. After two weeks of playing in his voice, he is unable to give his best. He scored the PSG goal. But the team was defeated by the happy air of the goal. For this, the 28-year-old star is making PSGK in Kathmandu.

The French champions have had to retire from the last sixteen for the last three years. Dortmund lost the field and again was scared to leave. And Neymar blames the club’s cautious attitude, ‘It’s difficult to play four matches. Unfortunately, the decision was not made by me, the club and the doctors. They made the decision, and the one I didn’t like at all. We talked a lot about the game. I wanted to play because I was in a good position, but the club was scared. I suffered at the end of the day. ‘

Real Madrid and Manchester United have departed PSG for the last sixteen in the last two seasons in Champions League.

Neymar could not play two matches due to an injury. The absence of the Brazilian forward was one of the reasons for their loss. That’s why he didn’t want to lose the best player on the team in the last sixteen fights. So Neymar did not play in the PSG league match without being too careful.

The most expensive player in the world understands the club’s place of thought, but still can’t make the decision to leave the field, ‘I understand where the club’s place of fear is. The reason is that for the last two seasons I have not been able to play in the last sixties. I respect their decision, but I don’t like it. Because ultimately the player has to suffer. ‘

In the voice of Neymar, who has been out on the field for two weeks, in the voice of Neymar, ’90 minutes is a difficult task to play consistently. There was another match. If I was in the game, I could definitely play better. ‘ More News on sports vai

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