Brazil-Argentina fight, Neymar is not in the squad

naymar-messi squad

Argentina – The heat in Brazil Duarte is always different. The entire football world is looking forward to seeing both teams fight. Brazil-Argentina faces off again with a stir of excitement. But Neymar will not be able to play in this November friendly match squad. Brazil coach Teeta announced the team for Friday’s two-month pre-match match. Neymar is not on that team. Due to an injury, Paris Saint-Germain will not be able to play forwards in the two matches against Argentina and South Africa.

Neymar is not chasing the injury. The forward often has to stay out of the field for injury. They were hamstring when the national team played for Brazil this month. He needs four weeks to recover from the injury he suffered in Nigeria. The former Barcelona forward will not be able to play against Argentina, which will be played in Saudi Arabia on November 7.

Brazil will face South Korea in Abu Dhabi four days after the Argentina match. Coach Tithe has announced the team for these two matches. The team without Neymar has several new faces. Real Madrid forward Rodrigo and Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz have been named in the Brazil squad for the first time.

Roma goalkeeper Daniel Fujato and 20-year-old Real Betis defender Emerson are looking to do some more testing with the team ahead of next year’s Copa América. However, no coach of the Brazilian domestic league was placed in the squad. The last round of the Brazilian League is underway, so Tito did not want to hurt the clubs. The BBC

Brazil squad:

Goalkeepers: Allison, Anderson, Daniel Fujato; Defenders: Danilo, Emerson, Alex Sandro, Renan Lodi, Thiago Silva, Marcinus, their Militao, Philip; Midfielders: Casemiro, Arthur, Fabiano, Douglas Luiz, Philippe Coutinho, Lucas Pakita, Willian; Forward: David Nares, Roberto Firmino, Richarlison, Gabriel Jesus, Rodrigo.

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