Brazil’s 17-game unbeaten run ended in Copa final rematch

Brazil defeated Peru

Brazil defeated Peru in July and made it to the ninth Copa title in Brazil. In the face-to-face fight, the opponent is unable to stand very high. That Peruvian lost to Selecao’s in a friendly match. At the last minute, they saw a 0-1 goal in one of Lewis Abram’s brilliant goals.

Teeta, along with Neymar, sat three people on the bench and made four changes. Neres, Militao, and Alan were brought in from Neymar, Alves, Thiago Silva and Arthur in the 2-2 draw against Colombia. Brazil, however, could not create such an opportunity in the first half. So the goal remains zero this half.

The Negroes were taken down in the first half of the second half. The disciples of Titus could not cast the net for the attack. It was too late to make an impact. When the draw seemed possible, Abram scored the first international goal from a free-kick from Utun. The ball went into the net after defeating Brazil goalkeeper Emerson. In other matches Argentina Win 4-0

Teeta, however, would be dissatisfied with poor performance. After that, Brazil saw the loss after five matches. Brazil lost the last to Belgium, Russia in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. And Peru picked up the fifth win for the first time.

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