Champions League match postponed for police shortage after Queen Elizabeth II death

Champions League match postponed for police shortage after Queen Elizabeth II death

The death of Queen Elizabeth II had an impact on the world of sports. All Premier League matches this week have been suspended as a tribute to him. Champions League games have not been postponed, but Napoli’s game at Rangers in the group stage has been postponed. The match was scheduled to take place on September 13. But the match was postponed to the following day, September 14, Wednesday, due to inadequate police presence at the stadium.

The Scottish club Rangers said in a statement, “The match had to be postponed due to insufficient police personnel.” Many policemen are engaged in the organizational work of Queen Elizabeth’s farewell ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II died last Thursday at Balmoral Palace in Scotland.

His state funeral will take place on September 19 at 11 a.m. in London. Before this, various programs are being organized to pay respect to the queen every day. Naturally, such a big event requires extra security. Additional policemen have to be employed for extra security.

Even after the match is postponed by a day, many spectators who have booked tickets in advance may suffer. Keeping them in mind, the Rangers are also keeping the opportunity to get the ticket money back.

The problem is, despite the postponement, adequate police security is not available even for Wednesday. That’s why there will be no Napoli spectators in this Champions League match, confirmed the Scottish A club. Therefore, keeping in mind the spirit of football, UEFA has already announced that no Rangers fans will be able to stay on Napoli’s field during the return leg.

The journey of Rangers and Napoli has started in two different ways in this season of the Champions League. Napoli beat Liverpool 4-1 in their first match. On the other hand, Rangers’ Champions League campaign started with a 4-0 loss to Ajax.

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