Danish Kaneria seeks support from PM Imran Khan

Pakistan is divided into the religious issues of Danish Kaneria

Pakistan alleged that Danish Kanariya was the victim of religious discrimination by Dalits and Imranindu. Controversial events in Pakistani cricket, however, are not new. Kania’s uncle Anil Dalpat had made such allegations a long time ago. The former wicketkeeper was brought to Kathmandu by the successful captain of Pakistan and current Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The incident happened in August 2002. The Cricketers’ Benefit Fund Series (CBFS) has decided to host a tri-nation tournament in Tangier, Morocco, with the help of six former Pakistan cricketers along with the team. But the amount of party money (the US $ 13,000) was quite low. He refused to take the money, ‘It is not possible for me to accept the offer of such a small sum of money.’

Rather, his accusation against Imran was, ‘Despite the merits, Imran Khan did not get a chance to play a lot of matches in the Pakistan team.’ I should have played more matches if I had the opportunity. “

Many knew about the influence of Hanif, Sadiq, Wazir and Mushtaq Mohammad before Imran in Pakistani cricket. That was the point of the party.

Imran, however, did not address the allegations of divorce. The World Cup-winning captain of Pakistan said, “I do not understand why his (Dalipat’s) memory has grown so long afterward. Why did he pick up the context after so long? I don’t want to say too much about it. It doesn’t really go with people like me. ‘ see more

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