Devin Haney Playful Banter Takes Center Stage After Tom Holland’s Lomachenko Comments

Devin Haney Playful Banter Takes Center Stage After Tom Holland's Lomachenko Comments Zendaya

In a surprising turn of events, the undisputed lightweight world champion, Devin Haney, found himself embroiled in a spirited online exchange with Hollywood actor Tom Holland. The unexpected feud unfolded following remarks made by Holland about Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko, whom he professed to be his favorite fighter. During an appearance on the Jay Shetty Podcast, Holland expressed his belief that Lomachenko had won his most recent fight and deserved a rematch with Haney.

Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko: Tom Holland’s Controversial Take

While Holland’s comments did not explicitly name Haney, the champion boxer responded with a clever twist, directing his attention toward Holland’s girlfriend, the renowned American actress and singer Zendaya. Haney wittily captioned a clip of Holland’s remarks with the phrase, “I always had a thing for Zendaya.”

Haney’s sly remark was a playful attempt to deflect Holland’s comments and suggest that he not only held the upper hand in the boxing ring but also in engaging in lighthearted banter on social media.

The subtle comment quickly ignited a buzz online, capturing the attention of both the media and fans. Although the boxer likely intended it as a light-hearted jest, it injected an unexpected twist into the ongoing discourse between the realms of sports and Hollywood.

Devin Haney’s Witty Remark on Zendaya Sparks Social Media Frenzy

Tom Holland’s Perspective on Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko On July 19, 2023, actor Tom Holland shared his perspective on the intense boxing showdown between Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko. During an appearance on the Jay Shetty show, Holland openly discussed his admiration for Lomachenko and the controversial nature of Lomachenko’s recent loss to Devin Haney.

Despite the unanimous decision of the judges in favor of Haney, Holland expressed his belief that a majority of fans felt Lomachenko had emerged victorious. This divergence of opinion regarding the fight’s outcome led him to question the likelihood of a rematch between the two formidable competitors.

However, judging by the response from the lightweight champion, it is evident that Holland’s comments did not sit well with him. This unexpected exchange serves as a reminder that the world of sports and entertainment can often collide in unexpected and entertaining ways, leaving fans and followers eagerly awaiting the next twist in this intriguing saga.

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