FIFA The Best vote is a new allegation of fraud

FIFA ‘The Best’ election raises new allegations of fraud over voting The Nicaragua Football Federation has raised questions about the voting process after Egypt. Argentina and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi received this year’s award in Milan last Monday.

Nicaraguan captain Juan Barrera brings new allegations of voting fraud. Twitter said he did not vote for Messi. The FIFA list shows that he voted for Barcelona forward. The next two favorites include Sadio Mane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Barrera tweeted, “I did not vote for the Best 2019 Award. All kinds of information are false.

Barrera has to hear such questions from reporters why he voted for Messi on the ground. The Nicaraguan captain then replied, ‘I did not vote for Messi. Last year, I did not give it this time. ”The report added that Barrera received an email last year instructing him how to vote. No mail was received this time.

In response to the debate, a FIFA spokesman said: “We have re-verified the voting document submitted by the Nicaraguan FA. All such documents were signed with their official stamps. We found that the voting sheet sent by the federation and the documents published on were the correct signatures of the player’s signature. We have asked the Nicaragua Football Federation to investigate this. ”

Earlier on Wednesday, Egypt was arguing, but their names could not be found in the voting list. However, Egypt coach Shawki Gharib and captain Ahmed Elmohamadi claimed to have voted for Mohamed Salah. FIFA responded to the debate, saying they did not count Egypt’s vote for Salah. Because the signature on the ballot started with the uppercase letter, which is invalid. Moreover, the signature of the Secretary-General of the Federation was not in that form, which is mandatory.

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