‘I never sold the country'(Pakistan) says: Danish Kaneria

Pakistan is divided into the religious issues of Danish Kaneria

In a video message, Danish Kaneria Javed Miandad responded to the allegations, saying that Danish Kaneria discriminated against his teammates when he came to the light of the footprint and it was possible for him to ‘do anything for money’. Kaneria was silent for some time. I could not digest the words. He finally replied to Miandad on Saturday in a video message via his YouTube channel. Not straight, turn.

Kaneria, who is the last and second Hindu member of the Pakistan cricket team, said Shoaib Akhtar was the first to claim discrimination against him and he only agreed with what his former teammate had said. “I did not want to remind those who say that I am doing it for a cheap name, Shoaib Akhtar has raised the issue of discrimination against me on national television,” Kaneria said.

He can do anything in exchange for money

Former Pakistani legspinner has thrown questions at Miandad, ‘You have cut off my hands and feet. I’ve been unemployed for so long. What else do you want? Do you end yourself? ‘

“He can do anything in exchange for money,” Miandad points out, in 2012, when he was banned for life in Kenya for fixing while playing in domestic cricket in England. But with this fixing formula, Kaneria has put Pakistan’s most influential cricket personality, even Pakistan’s cricket, in the dark. He did not name anybody but said that many players in Pakistan have ‘sold the country’ in the match.

Those guys have been honored again in the squad, ‘People say I’ve played for Pakistan for 10 years. But I played for 10 years in exchange for my blood. I poured blood on the cricket pitch. My finger is bleeding, and I still bowled. Many people have sold the country, but they are still in the forests. I never sold my country for money. ‘ see more

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