Kim Clijsters announce to comes back in 2020

Kim Clijsters came out on the tennis court one time. Although he had announced his retirement in the hope of starting a life in the world, he returned with a break. After playing for a while he retired. The former number one has announced his return to the tennis court after a long break. WTA tour matches will be played for a while now.

However, this time Kim Clijsters did not announce his first retirement. He announced his retirement for the first time in 2007. He made such a decision to concentrate on his family. He returned to court again after a break of two years. Even then the lending was not low. He said goodbye to tennis again by winning three grand slam before announcing his second retirement.

The 36-year-old Belgian freshman is the reason for his return to tennis.

Divina continues to play tennis even after Serena Williams’ mother. Again he is one year older than the Clijsters! She is the motivator for Serena. Information on the return question itself, ‘mothers are giving the maximum to expose themselves to the high level of tennis. That’s what motivates me. ‘

The Clijsters, however, made it clear he was not going to prove anything new, saying, ‘I do not think there is any evidence of new evidence involved. I think it’s a challenge for me. ‘The former number one climbers said he would return next January. However, the schedule will be as he wishes. Other sports news.

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