Kylian Mbappe where wants to go? Real Madrid or Liverpool

According to Marca, Kylian Mbappe feels that PSG has betrayed him. Will not see the light of day in his new contract.

After PSG signed a new three-year contract with Kylian Mbappe last May. It seemed that talks over the French star’s transfer were over. The European press reported a few days ago that Mbappe wants to leave PSG in January. The forward who won the World Cup for France is not satisfied with the activities of the club.

Now the new news is reported by the French press “Lequip”. Mbappe and people close to him think “it is impossible to trust the club (PSG) again.” The quote was published by the Spanish newspaper “Marca” citing Lekip.

However, before that, PSG coach Christophe Galtier and sporting director Luis Campos denied reports that Mbappe was unhappy at the club. But with the passage of time, the media is also bringing out the news about Mbappe’s complications in PSG.

According to Marca, Kylian Mbappe feels that PSG has betrayed him. Will not see the light of day in his new contract.

PSG is aware of Mbappe’s displeasure and his price has been fixed. The British newspaper “Telegraph” previously reported through a source at the club that Mbappe is a player worth 263-306 million pounds (about 350 million euros). And the condition is that the 23-year-old forward can never join Real Madrid.

Before this, Real has been trying to buy him for the last two seasons. Apart from this, the name Liverpool also came up. Kylian Mbappe himself stated his mother’s special interest in the English club.

Last Wednesday, Mbappe chatted with some children on behalf of his foundation ‘Inspired by KM’. The media “RMC Sport” said that a child there wants to know Mbappe, between Real and Liverpool, which team will he join?

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The organizers immediately announced on the microphone that Kylian Mbappe would not answer any questions about his future. Mbappe also did not answer the child’s question. RMC Sport, citing the French investigative online newspaper ‘Mediapart’, also reported that PSG had colluded with an agency to run negative campaigns against Mbappe and the media and to tarnish his image.

According to Marca, Mbappe can no longer trust PSG because of these incidents. Luis Campos sat down with Mbappe at PSG’s Camp de Loges training ground yesterday to hear his displeasure. Meanwhile Mbappe’s mother Lamari Faiza is not sitting either. According to Lekip, Faiza re-tweeted a fan’s tweet about PSG running a negative campaign against Mbappe.

Mediapart previously reported that the campaign against Mbappe by opening a fake account started three years ago. when Mbappe wanted to leave PSG (at the end of the 2018-19 season).

However, PSG denied this allegation. The club’s statement said, “PSG strongly denies the allegations made by Mediapart. PSG is an international brand that engages with various social media agencies to celebrate club and player achievements. The club has never approached an agency to harm anyone.’ But Marca quoted Frederik Geldof, the former director of the agency called ‘Euroreputation’, as saying, ‘It is unbelievable that we are not recognized by PSG.’

Kylian Mbappe himself has not yet officially spoken about this complication. In PSG’s dressing room, there is dissatisfaction with him among teammates and staff. Mbappe is losing support in the dressing room. PSG employees are not happy with the privileges and freedoms given to them in the new contract. According to Lekip, the three South Americans Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Marquinhos, who is known as the “backbone” of the PSG dressing room, are unhappy with Kylian Mbappe. Ashraf Hakimi, Presnel Kimpembe, and even coach Gaultier are upset with Mbappe.

A PSG official was quoted by Marca as saying about his behavior, “He might come to the Camp de Loges one day and talk to everyone with a smile, a nice exchange.”

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