Lionel Messi Scores First His First Ever Bicycle Kick Goal

What is the most beautiful scenery in football matches? Everyone’s preferences are different. However, FIFA will inform in response to this question that the verdict was given in 2016. According to FIFA, the ‘most beautiful sight in football’ is the bicycle kick. Many people call this kick ‘overhead kick’ or ‘scissors kick’.

While taking the shot looks like pedaling a bicycle (in reverse), the shot also resembles scissoring. Exactly who and when took the first shot—his exact location is not known in history. But legend has it that workers in Chile and Peru first invented this shot while playing soccer.

It was at the beginning of the 19th century. Later, Leonidas and Pele of Brazil made this shot internationally popular. Then how many people scored this shot? In modern football, Enzo Francescoli, Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Gareth Bale…scored eye-catching goals with this shot. And when someone scores a bicycle kick, there is a storm of discussion.

The same is happening with Lionel Messi on social media. PSG played the first match of the new season of League ‘A’ last night. The match was at Clermont. Even during the last whistle, the fans of the host team chanted ‘Messi! Messi!’ chanted. But PSG’s margin of victory is 5-0. Everyone knows the reason by now.

Messi scored with an amazing pass to Neymar.

He scored a pair of goals himself. The last goal is a bicycle kick. And that bicycle kick is also a little different. The teammate’s pass did not reach Messi’s chest, on the contrary, the Argentinian star ran forward and went under the ball to receive it with his chest and took the shot. It is normal to fall.

But Messi’s Instagram post may seem unusual to some. The PSG star posted two pictures on his Instagram account after the victory with a spectacular bicycle kick. No, not the image of the bicycle kick and incredible pass. Messi posted pictures celebrating with Neymar and Marquinhos and running with the ball with a Clermont defender. Caption? That too is more common than the two pictures, ‘League first match, first win!’ As if no one knows this information!

Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo commented as always with some fiery ’emo’s in there. Sergio Aguero, his former teammate on the national team, wrote ‘good foot’ – this foot is not Messi’s foot at all, it is called like this out of respect for his father or someone. But Adidas Football’s comment matches Messi’s, ‘New season, new boots, same Leo.’

Yes, at least the human Leo hasn’t changed. PSG coach Christophe Gaultier said after the match that he did not even play, “This is Leo. Nothing more to say. We know what he can do.’

After such a performance, any other star would have at least posted a video or picture of the bicycle kick goal. But Messi is not a man of that genre, as calm, calm, calm as the Paraná river flowing by Rosario.

That’s why the media can no longer sit quietly! Statistics have been found out, this is the first time Messi scored a bicycle kick in his career.

Argentinian media “Clarin” reported a little differently – this is the first “Chilean goal” in Messi’s career. The question is what is this “Chilean goal”? Naturally, it is another name for a bicycle kick. Correct, but knowing the history of this nomenclature at least doesn’t hurt.

The legendary Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galena has given a piece of information in his book ‘Soccer in Sun and Shadow’. The quote can be given from his book, ‘Ramon Unzaga discovered this movement in the port of Talcahuano in Chile. The body (facing the goal post) floats in the air and takes the shot in such a way that the legs are like two blades of scissors.

Galeno did not say the exact day when Unzaga first took this shot. However, after the Spanish-born Chilean footballer took this shot in 1916 and 1920 Copa America, the Argentinian press named the bicycle kick, ‘La Chilena’ – meaning the Chilean goal! However, Peruvian historian Jorge Bajadre reported that this shot was taken even before Unjaga. An African-born ‘Chalacho’ (as the natives of Callao are called) from the port of Callao, Peru, took this shot before 1892. Whatever he is, let’s get back to Messi.

“Clarin” reported that the only Olympic goal left in Messi’s career is a direct goal from a corner. Scored with the left foot, right foot, head, chest, and even hand!

In 2008, Messi brought back memories of Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God when he scored with his hand against Espanyol in La Liga. Messi has even been compared to Maradona in terms of style of play. Last night against Clermont, but Messi brought back memories of Maradona.

September 2, 1984. Pescara-Napoli match in Coppa Italia. Maradona scored the last goal in Napoli’s 3–0 win. Yes, bicycle kick!

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