Manchester United To Allow Cristiano Ronaldo To Leave

Atletico fans don't want Ronaldo, online protest is going on Cristiano Ronaldo will not stay in the Manchester United?

Ronaldo does not want to stay at Manchester United. On the other hand, the club wants to retain him at any cost. That’s how the news about the Portuguese star’s transfer has been for so long. But the new news is that Manchester United can release Ronaldo. Although new Manchester United coach Erik ten Haag has been saying from the start, Cristiano Ronaldo is very much in his future plans. But United’s poor start to the league has changed many equations. It has been said that Ronaldo’s desire to leave Old Trafford has no loyalty to the club, which is affecting the entire team’s performance. That is why the club can take such a decision.

United haven’t done too badly in pre-season, though they haven’t produced any spectacular performances. Atlético lost to Madrid but had a big win against Liverpool. Coach Ten Haag thought Manchester United was ready for the new season. What happened suddenly? Why United were so disorganized in the first two games of the Premier League? Many see Ronaldo’s responsibility behind this. It is alleged that Ronaldo does not talk much with other footballers on the team. Ronaldo’s attitude towards the club is having a negative impact on the team.

Ten Haag has no alternative to Ronaldo

According to sources, BBC Sports said, ‘There will be no change in the team’s performance until Ronaldo leaves the club. Had Ronaldo gone, there would have been no replacement in the team, yet the overall performance of the team would have been better, many at the club believe.

At this moment, Ten Haag has no alternative to Ronaldo. Former United star Gary Neville thinks that the club may be in more danger if Ronaldo leaves the team. In an interview given to Sky Sports, he said, ‘Ronaldo has to make a tough decision. He’s certainly not happy here, but the problem is, United won’t have anyone to score goals if he leaves. I strongly believe that if no new players are brought in after he leaves the club, United could end the season at the bottom of the points table.

Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG, and even Atletico Madrid have been mentioned as Ronaldo’s new destinations. There were also rumors that he would return to his hometown Sporting Lisbon only to play in the Champions League. But all discussions have now largely stopped. The fans are waiting to see which club will be discussed again.

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