Pakistan is divided into the religious issues of Danish Kaneria

Pakistan is divided into the religious issues of Danish Kaneria

Former Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kanaria has played international cricket for Pakistan for 10 years. The 39-year-old leg-spinner, who was banned for life in the fixing-scandal in 2012, is in talks again. Immediately after seeking his help from Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Cricket Board (PCB), then-teammate Shoaib Akhtar bombed, saying that many players of Pakistan’s team did not want to eat together with Kenya as Hindus. In this situation, the PCB is in a ‘neutral’ role. Former captain Javed Miandad has washed away Kaneria over religious discrimination issues.

Kaneria sought help from Imran Khan and the PCB, saying ‘I’m not good’. Immediately after his request, the leg-spinner stood next to Akhtar. Former Kantidan on behalf of a Kenyan on television said, “Many in the party used to treat Kania badly because they are Hindu. Many did not even want to sit down to eat with him. ‘

The words of the former teammate have given Kanier the courage. The 61-Test leg-spinner has announced that the players will be released soon. What is the role of PCB in this situation? A spokesman for the Pakistan Cricket Board, however, threw the ball into the captains of the time. The spokesperson of the board is seeking a response from them.

His comment, ‘Look, both Akhtar and Kaneria are former cricketers. The board has no contract with them, so they can say anything they want. This is their opinion. And they complained about the use of a few players, not blaming the whole Pakistan team or the board. ”

They should respond to Akhtar and Kaneria’s comments.

The spokesman added, “When Kanaria played, the captains of Pakistan were Inzamam-ul-Haq, Rashid Latif, Younis Khan, and Mohammad Yousuf. They should respond to Akhtar and Kaneria’s comments. Why the board here?

Javed Miandad washed up the leg spinner, who was appointed coach in the life of a Kenyan player, despite the captain’s reply. The question of how Kaneria played in the Pakistan team for 10 years when there was a problem with religion, the former Pakistani batsman said, “Pakistan has given him (Kaneria) many opportunities and he has played Test for 10 years. If he had a problem with his religion, could he play so long? ‘

Commenting on Kaneria’s drama of religious discrimination for money, Mianadar said, “There is no prejudice on religion in Pakistan cricket. I do not know why they are saying this. In the context of Danish Kaneria, I would say that since he is an exile, cricket has nothing to offer him, so he is doing it for the money. ”He added,“ How do you believe a person is banned for life by corruption in cricket? That has ruined his country’s reputation. I was the coach of the Pakistan team in the early 2000s, I don’t remember a single incident where something happened when he was a Hindu. ‘

Kaneria, however, received the support of two other cricketers. One of them, Iqbal Qasim, said: “If some players are badly treated with Kania due to religion, then they must be brought to the fore.” The same tone in the voice of another former Test player Mohsin Khan, “A player should be judged only by his cricketing skills.” Not by religion, caste or belief. ‘ see more

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