PSG didn’t keep their word, Mbappe is now ‘in one room’

Kylian Mbappe’ turned’ to PSG after leaving Real Madrid with an incredible offer of an incredible amount of salary and bonuses, as well as full control of the sports project.

There was also a rumor that Mbappe can change the coach of the team if he wants. He was even given the right to decide which players would be included in the team and who would be left out.

The French star wanted to use that power to send Neymar away from PSG. However, his wish has not yet been fulfilled. It’s good to say, PSG didn’t fulfill his wish.

Naturally, Neymar has heard the matter. Needless to say, the Brazilian star will not take it well.

That’s why the relationship between Neymar and Mbappe has been a question in the football world since the start of the season. Due to injury, Mbappe could not enter the field in the first match of the league. The French striker entered the field in their second match in the league without injury. A lot of incidents happened around that match against Mpelei.

Late in the first half of the match, Virginia passed the ball to Lionel Messi instead of Mbappe. Mbappe threw his arms and legs at that moment to express his displeasure. It did not escape the eyes of anyone.

France’s World Cup-winning star did not go to that attack. The matter was a grim spectacle. Even after the match, there was a fight between Neymar and Mbappe in the dressing room. However, it did not go far due to the intervention of teammates. Since then no one has seen anyone’s face. With which the PSG camp is hot at the beginning of the new season.

With the departure of Neymar, PSG will take all the penalties himself – he also gave such a condition. However, after missing the first penalty in that match against Mbappe, Mbappe did not get the chance to take the second penalty. Neymar took the second penalty, which was another reason behind the Neymar-Mbappe brawl in the dressing room.

Many PSG footballers are also unhappy because Mbappe has been given such power.

According to Mbappe’s contract, he will also be in charge of the field. It is quite disrespectful for senior footballers like Messi, Neymar, and Ramos. Not only Neymar, but many PSG footballers are also unhappy because Mbappe has been given such power. That’s why the French striker has become a lot ‘alone’ in PSG.

After such an incident, a football fan tweeted criticizing PSG over the penalty. The tweet went something like this, ‘It’s official, Mbappe will now take the penalty for PSG. Obviously, it’s a matter of contract. Because, in any club in the world, Neymar cannot be the second choice to take the penalty.

The football lover did not end the tweet here. He also wrote, ‘Looks like it’s a contract renewal issue. Mbappé considers PSG his own!’ The tweet was noticed by Neymar.

Brazilian forward Neymar also ‘liked’ the tweet from his verified Twitter account, which is rumored to have soured the relationship between the two.

Meanwhile, the new coach Galtier has no sleep to put out such a fire in PSG’s happy house. He called an emergency meeting. However, after the meeting with Neymar and Mbappe, Mbappe’s mind did not melt, according to La Parisien.

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