The agreement with Casemiro is only pending the medical examination

The agreement with Casemiro is only pending the medical examination

Casemiro may be facing his last hours as a Real Madrid player. As reported from England, the agreement between the footballer and the English club seems only to be pending the mandatory medical examination. The midfielder will undergo throughout Friday with the permission of the Madrid entity.

After three days of meditating, studying, and reflecting on the proposal made by the leaders of the English club. The Brazilian has given them ok to become part of the payroll of one of the greatest soccer teams in the world. It is true that he is not going through a good time! But, his history and his successes not too far away in time are there and are an incentive for any player.

Ancelotti is not resigned to losing one of the faithful player Casemiro of his absolute confidence. The coach still trusts in one last attempt to convince the midfielder to continue at Real Madrid. The decision, according to reports from England, seems firm, but both the coach and the players do not rule out going back, which seems impossible.

The figure for the agreement between the two clubs is still closer to 70 million euros than the 60 million! That was initially discussed! Everything can be resolved on Friday. Which is presumed long and complicated. The soap opera began last Tuesday and three days later everything can be seen for sentencing.

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