The NFL flirts with Madrid World Capital of Sports

The NFL flirts with Madrid World Capital of Sports

Sofía Miranda took stock of the ‘World Capital’ and announced the arrival of two World Cups (basketball and ice hockey) and a European in 2023, and an NFL campus, which has the new Bernabéu on the radar for 2025. Sofía Miranda presented the city’s sports programming for 2023 and took stock of 2022. The year in which it was the ‘World Capital of Sports’. “We are back on the sports map and the international federations want to return here”.

The City Council Sports delegate stressed that “the distinction was not the goal but the path” to continue “adding more events”. Above all, to increase the practice of sports. “33% of the population between the ages of six and 12 suffers from some type of overweight. That is why we are going to deepen the agreement with the Pau Gasol Foundation to reach more schools ”, she confirmed.

The impact of the world capital of sports is being evaluated by an independent consultant. But Miranda has already announced that “the result is very positive and we must continue working on grassroots sports and health. Modernization of facilities and turning the city a great reference as a sports destination”.

The Major League Soccer to exploit its marketing impact of the world capital of sports

For 2023, several novelties: the U-19 women’s basketball world cup (in July), ice hockey (IIA division, in April), and the European triathlon (June 3-4). The inclusion of the badminton Spain Masters (March). on the world circuit. “It is a sport with great repercussion in Asia and a very attractive market for Madrid”, he highlighted.

Another novelty will be the modest arrival of the NFL. Chicago Bears players will participate on February 2 at a campus in Campo de Las Leonas with schools. The Bears, along with the Dolphins, is one of the franchises selected by Major League Soccer to exploit its marketing rights in the peninsula. And the new Santiago Bernabéu is an appetizing stadium to transfer a regular league game. It has been done recently in London, Munich, and Mexico. Apparently, their goal is to be able to celebrate one here in 2025, they explain from the town hall.

As for Madrid’s Olympic aspirations, with the Games already awarded to Brisbane in 2032, ‘stand by’. “The road is very long and you have to be honest. NFL flirts with Madrid World Capital of Sports. Four years ago, Madrid did not have any relevant sporting events scheduled. The effort has been titanic and candidacy is built in 15 years, still a long way to go. If Madrid were to present itself, after three defeats, it would have to be to win,” Miranda warned.

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