Virgil von Dyke Frustrated for not getting the Ballon d’Or

Virgil von Dyke Ballon d'Or

Virgil von Dyke did not win the Ballon d’Or for a while. Liverpool’s Dutch defender lost to Lionel Messi by 7 votes. This failure has frustrated the UEFA Player of the Year.

Messi won the sixth Ballon d’Or with a record 686 points in Paris on December 2. The Argentine forward made significant contributions to Barcelona’s second La Liga win. He won the Pichichi Trophy, the highest goalkeeper’s award in the Spanish league.

Liverpool has not won the Premier League for just one point, despite the fact that the entire season has financed the Dyke defence. The Premier League and PFA Player of the Year, however, made significant contributions to the Allreds’ jersey in the Champions League title. In the UEFA Nations League, Netherlands make the final. Although not enough to achieve these balloons.

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But Fon Dyke appeared in a sparkling event in Paris, hoping to win the Ballon d’Or as a first defender. The 28-year-old footballer is frustrated at not meeting him. The Dutch defender responded with ‘The Mirror’, “I’m a little disappointed. Anyway, I decided to go to the event. It was a great night. ‘

Fiona Dyke is proud to be competing with FIFA The Best and Ballon d’Or Messi-Ronaldo. Fon Dyke talks to Messi, ‘I talked to Messi that night. There was not much talk between us, as he could not speak very much in English. But with a little talk, I realized that we have respect, even though there are two different ends.

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