Aston Villa fine list leaked with brutal £200 a minute and birthday cake punishments

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard has established himself as a strict ‘headmaster’ while being the coach of the Scottish club Rangers. Don’t give a little discount to anyone for following the rules and regulations. The Liverpool legend has maintained his ‘form’ in this job after taking charge of Aston Villa coach last year.

Gerrard took over as Aston Villa coach last November. The former England midfielder is aiming to keep Aston Villa in the top ten in the next season of the English Premier League. For that, Gerrard gave some food like tomato ketchup from the club’s canteen to keep the players fit. Aston Villa has benefited from one aspect in following all his strict rules.

Before this former Liverpool midfielder became a coach, Dean Smith held the position. Aston Villa have since drawn up a list of fines for players. Some things on this list are as funny as they are brutal. For example, if you come late to the practice of the club, the fine is not much, only 500 pounds .

A Aston Villa who forgets to bring a cake on his birthday will be fined £50.

Aston Villa‘s list of fines has taken social media by storm. Players will be fined £200 per second for being late to training camps or meetings. And if the match day is late, the penalty is even more – 1000 pounds (about 1 lakh 13 thousand pounds in Bangladeshi currency).

Another interesting penalty of the English club is about taking a shower. No one can enter the bathroom with bare feet and take a bath after practice or match. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £100. A slightly unscrupulous player, who has a habit of chewing tobacco, will be fined £200 if he drops the chewed tobacco here and there. There’s more. Talking to the referee on the field and seeing a yellow card is no escape. A fine of 200 pounds must be paid. And the red card?

Trouble is more. The player must take the entire Aston Villa team to dinner within four weeks of receiving the red card. Penalty £100 for leaving playing equipment on the field after practice.British media “Mail Online” has seen Aston Villa’s leaked penalty list and said it is at least 12 months old. However, this is not the first time Aston Villa’s penalty list has been leaked.

In 2016, during Roberto Di Matteo’s tenure as Villa coach, the club’s players were fined for dress code, discipline and the use of mobile phones.While Gerard Houllier (2010–11) was coach of Aston Villa, some stars such as Ashley Young wanted to leave the club due to the strict penalty rules. What Philippe Coutinho does now under Gerrard remains to be seen.

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