Trespassing in Premier League and English League is punishable

Trespassing in Premier League and English League is punishable

Spectators suddenly entered the field to watch the game. Sometimes business women are also seen in these activities. Such scenes are often seen in football leagues. But in a new decision, these activities have been banned in the Premier League and English leagues.

Not only the entry of spectators, but also their various means of unbridled excitement have been banned. No one can use smoke bombs or fireworks in the field anymore. In other words, all the arrangements for playing with fire in the field can be said to be closed. Trespassing in Premier League and English League is punishable

In the last season, these activities were seen to be extreme. Due to which unexpected events also happened. Crystal Palace coach Patrick Vieira can be mentioned as an example. He was involved in a conflict with the audience in the field. Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp was also attacked by the crowd after the play-off loss to Nottingham Forest.

Therefore, the league authorities and the English Football Association have considered these as punishable offenses in the new season. They said in a statement, ‘Identified criminals should be reported to the police by the club. In these cases, the legal process can result in someone’s name being permanently added to the criminal record. As a result of which someone’s career, education life can be damaged in addition to suffering the punishment of imprisonment.

The statement also noted that from now on, anyone who enters the ground with trespassing, smoke bombs or fireworks will automatically be subject to a club ban.

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