Atletico fans don’t want Ronaldo, online protest is going on

Atletico fans don't want Ronaldo, online protest is going on Cristiano Ronaldo will not stay in the Manchester United?

ContraCR7 Type this hashtag in Twitter’s search engine and click. Be a witness to incredible acts, for sure. It’s easy to understand why any team’s supporters could have so much objection to signing Cristiano Ronaldo. Atlético Madrid fans continue online protest is going on by writing this hashtag so that Ronaldo is not included in the team.

The meaning of the hashtag – we are against Ronaldo. It can be thought!Cristiano Ronaldo wants to change the club again, Manchester United is not his mind, this is the previous news. Ronaldo’s name is associated with almost all the clubs that will play in the Champions League next season, except for the clubs in which Ronaldo has played before.

From Chelsea to Bayern Munich, PSG, Napoli, Roma, Sporting Club Portugal and even Barcelona, ​​Ronaldo’s name is being linked with rumors. Why is Atletico Madrid left out? Several reliable sources have confirmed that Atletico are well in the race to sign Ronaldo.

And here is the objection of Atlético fans. They do not want this Portuguese star in the team. Atlético fans have already started an online petition against the club’s move. They are equally complaining against Ronaldo on Twitter by writing #ContraCR7.

One wrote: ‘If this player comes to Atletico, I will cancel my registration as a club supporter. Our club is not the place for players like him. Another one moved a little further. Not only Atlético, but any other club should not sign Ronaldo, he is very clear about that,

“It’s not just Atlético fans, all club fans should reject Ronaldo.”

According to another, Ronaldo is nothing but a ‘clown’, ‘Ronaldo is a clown who represents everything that Atlético does not support. If he comes to the team, the atmosphere of the dressing room will be ruined. According to another, “If he comes, the career of the players will be ruined.” Earlier he ruined Dybala’s career. Griezmann’s career will be ruined if he comes here. Ronaldo is a selfish, violent and harmful player in almost everyone’s eyes.

Of course, it is natural for Atletico fans to be angry with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has not given less pain to this Atlético in his entire career. If it wasn’t for Ronaldo, maybe Diego Simeone would have won a few more titles as Atletico’s coach, got a taste of the elusive Champions League. That didn’t happen.

Ronaldo has played the most matches against this Atletico in his career (35), scoring 25 goals and “burning” them the most. Not only that, from 2014 to 2019, Atletico lost every time in the Champions League to the team in which Ronaldo played.

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