Lionel Messi’s chapter at Barcelona is not over: Laporta

Lionel Messi's chapter at Barcelona is' not over': Barca president Laporta

Lionel Messi’s relationship with Juan Laporta is not unknown to anyone. The Argentine legend made his first team debut during Laporta’s old days. Therefore, before becoming president of Barca in the new term, he gave a message of hope to leave Messi. Barca fans can hope for his words once again. “Lionel Messi’s Barca-chapter is not over,” Barca president Laporta told ESPN.

Lionel Messi had to break his 21-year relationship with Barca against his will. Financial woes have left the Catalan giants unable to sign a new deal for the Barca legend. As a result, the Argentine star had to choose a new address in the French giant PSG.

“Messi is everything for Barca,”

Said Barca president Laporta with one year remaining. A legend in the history of the club. For me he is only comparable to Cruyff. But what has happened will happen one day. This is due to decisions made in earlier problems.’

After that, Laporta gave a message of hope, “I hope Messi’s chapter does not end here.” I think it’s our responsibility to try to bring that chapter to a nice close. whose path is still open and not finished. So the matter stands as it should be… a nicer ending.’

Laporta has previously expressed his desire to return Messi to Barca. The club where Messi won the Ballon d’Or 6 times. Apart from being the highest goalscorer (672) for the club, he also holds the record for most matches played (778). He added, “I did what I had to do as the president of Barca.” But apart from being the president, I also personally feel that I am indebted to him.

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