Barcelona end the year with a big win


If you get Alaves, then you will become another. Saturday was no exception. His contribution to all of Barcelona’s 4-1 goals at New Camp. Lionel Messi showed the magic of the return of the Catalan win after two matches in La Liga. Barcelona has finished the year 2019 with the desired win after a draw in La Liga with Real Sociedad and Real Madrid.

They will play the first match of the new year on January 4 against Espanyol. The win put Real (36) behind 39 points in 18 games with 39 points. The Madrid club will face Athletic Bilbao on Sunday to equalize the gap. Four minutes later, Anton Griezmann hit a goal when Suarese’s pass rival defender Jimo Navarro failed to stop.

The win put Real (36) behind 39 points in 18 games with 39 points.

Barcelona scored 2-0 on Vidal’s goal break in assisted by Suarez of the Uruguayan striker. Messi was interrupted by Alves’ guard at the edge of the box, finding Suarez on the right and raising the ball. The Uruguayan star made Vidal a goal by finding a spot in the box. Shortly after getting on the field in the second half, Messi ripped off the defensive line and gave Griezmann the ball.

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The French forward was offside when he hit a nice volley. Berserk was not celebrated after finding a fake second time. Shortly before the half-hour of the match, Alves gave Barcelona a goal in the Pons target. After this goal, the rainy season again extended Messi’s eyes.

The Barাa captain made it 3-1 from the edge of the box, cutting some players with the ball from Suarez. Argentina forward Karim Benzema (12) beat Pichichi Trophy in the 69th minute. Messi is now La Liga’s highest scorer with 13 goals in 13 matches. The sixth Ballon d’Or ended the sixth year with a 50-goal milestone. Suarez scored Barcelona’s fourth goal.

The visitors receive a penalty in the VR when their shot from the nearest post is taken by the opponent. Alaves jumps to the right of the goalkeeper as his shot enters the net from the left side. The Uruguayan striker contributed 11 goals (5 goals and 6 assists) against the team in the last 5 games.

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