Barcelona is interested in taking Neymar again

Messi and Neymar

Barcelona ‘to make a fresh attempt to bring Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil superstar Neymar back to the club’

Barsa wants Neymar to join the squad again. Not long ago Neymar said he would give his life for PSG. The rumor that Neymar has said so has begun to return to Barcelona.

A new rumor has spread on ESPN. ESPN reports that events like this could happen in the aftermarket summer market. Because Barcelona’s top-level officials think Messi’s only option might be Neymar.

Of course, there is no indication of Messi’s departure from Barsa. But when Neymar was in Bar্সa, Messi was completely covered in light. Macy’s age may be a decisive factor in winning the record sixth Ballon d’Or. Barcelona has never seen anyone of the same quality as Neymar before in Barcelona.

Neymar was also in full swing in the latest squad market. In a word, the event of Neymar’s party was at its peak. Imagine there was no Brazilian forward at PSG. The former club wants to return to Barcelona. He left Bar রেকর্ডa at PSG in 2017 with a record 222 million euros. He still has good relations with the Spanish club.

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However, Mundo Deportivo says the change may happen under the conditions! Berserk will have a closer look at what Neymar’s performance will look like in the later part of the season. Based on this, Barsa can make the final decision. However, that is not to say that it will happen easily. In fact, PSGE has left a huge barrier for Bar ।a. There is no release clause in Neymar’s contract with PSG. So the Catalan club has to go through FIFA, the highest regulatory body in football, to determine transfer fees!

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