Zlatan Ibrahimovic In ‘Advanced Talks’ With Everton

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to return to struggling AC Milan

Ancelotti and Ibrahimovic worked together at PSG. Will you ever be seen in Everton?
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is proof that age is just a number. What is it! Age 38 has passed, but he is reported to be playing in big clubs in Europe. It was heard some days ago that the Swedish striker’s contract with AC Milan has already been reached. Everton’s name was added to stop the rumor. When his former coach Carlo Ancelotti took over the English club, the effort would be to reconcile the two.

Ancelotti himself, in fact, set the air on Gunjan’s palace. Everton’s new coach has made Everton a new address after his dismissal from Napoli. Immediately after taking office, he said he would call Ibrahimovic at Goodinson Park. However, with the loud breeze of British media, Everton fans are beginning to tide. Although Ancelotti did not take the time to stop it, ‘he (Ibrahimovic) will come just to watch the game, not to play’, commented.

So does the rumor stop? The two have worked together in Paris Saint-Germain. Still, the heartiness between them is unbroken. Ibrahimovic has had a wonderful time playing under the Italian coach, playing in all Europe’s top leagues. Everton has been the coach when that uneasiness has taken place, so fans can shine a little light on the prospect.

Ancelotti, however, is not currently considering a deal with the Swedish striker. But I’m going to invite the former disciple to come to Goodison Park in Liverpool, “he (Ibrahimovic) is a good friend of mine. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to work with many great players. I think he finished the United States chapter, and I don’t really know what he thinks now. I’ll call him, if he wants to come to Liverpool, he can come. “

Does this mean Anchalty is seeking to bring Ibrahimovic to the squad in January?

The former Real Madrid coach quickly replied, “Not to play, not to play.” However, the list, which is fairly close to the list, is clear in his words, ‘I will not reply to the January squad. Everyone wants to bring their best team into the field. I will talk to (owner) Farhad Mashiri to make the team more competitive. ‘

It is not surprising that Ibrahimovic’s name was discussed in the Zlatan Ibrahimovic sculpture. Although he has passed the age of 38, the speculation of his return to European football has been waning for a long time. Leaving Manchester United, scoring 52 goals in 56 games in the two years he spent at the Los Angeles Galaxy, he has never recovered.

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That is also very well known of Anchletti. Have a friendly relationship with. So it is not an exaggeration to seek out ‘But’ in his invitation to visit Liverpool in Liverpool. Ibro must soon leave Stockholm and move to Europe elsewhere. His birthplace of Malm বা or Sweden does not seem to belong to him anymore. Repeatedly his sculpture is broken and the mind is broken. It is as if the miscreants have bitten the nose of his sculpture that was set up outside Malm। Stadium two days ago.

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