Basketball superstar Luol Deng


Basketball superstar Six feet nine inches in length. Weight is more than one hundred and four kilograms. Imagine a huge body-like center forward in the World Cup finals defeating the Lilliput-sized footballers on the defensive side who scored the winning goal for England.

No, Peter Crouch didn’t suddenly transform into a human mountain. He is described as Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls, one of the brightest stars in basketball. If he had been more focused on playing football than basketball, it would not have been impossible to make such an event happen. Luol Deng, of course, still likes football. He is a supporter of the English football club Arsenal. He also dreamed of playing for the club in childhood in London.

But destiny took him to basketball. Luol Deng is one of the lists of top ten stars in the sports world by the Times of London. But compared to other stars in the sports world like Wayne Rooney or Lewis Hamilton, there are very few people who know Luol Deng in Britain. where you find a soccer live stream? It’s easy to watch on

Luol Deng is one of the most expensive players in the world
On the other side of the Atlantic, however, the image is different. His magical talent in basketball has made Luol Deng one of the most expensive players on the planet.

Luol Deng is one of the most important players of the legendary club Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls are dreaming of going back to that glorious era of Michael Jordan’s time, relying solely on Luol Deng to fulfill that dream.

Basketball superstar Struggle against adversity

For Deng, such a challenge is nothing new. His whole life was actually the story of winning against adversity. Luol Deng was born in Sudan. Luol is the number eight among nine children. His father was an important member of the Sudan Parliament.

After the civil war began in Sudan, their families had to flee the country. First, they went to Alexandria, Egypt. From there they returned to London as political asylum seekers. When Deng first came to London at the age of eight, one could not speak English. But his game on the football field soon caught the attention of many.

Luol Deng had the opportunity to learn to play basketball at the Brixton Topcat Club in south London. He soon left football and became interested in basketball. Deng also received a scholarship to Blair Academy High School in New Jersey, USA when he was only 8 years old.

While in the upper class at school, Luol Deng became the second-best high school athlete in the United States. After a year of study at Duke University, he was called up to play in the NBA in the 21st. Luol Deng was seventh among those who received calls in the NBA that year.

Luol Deng Kee didn’t have to look back any further. His magical game of basketball has grown to new levels every season. In the seven-year deal that Deng signed with the Chicago Bulls in 2001, he would earn $ 7 million. He was criticized for the time he had taken in the bid before the deal with the Chicago Bulls. This was Deng’s first criticism of a player’s entire life.

One of the good aspects of how Deng has traveled from one country to another since his childhood is that he has had the opportunity to prosper in different cultures and languages. He can speak fluently in all three languages ​​- English, Arabic, and Dinka. Luol Deng received British citizenship in 27 years. He will lead Britain’s basketball team at the 2012 London Olympics.

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