Diego Maradona claims he was abducted by aliens in a UFO and lost his virginity at 13 to an ‘older woman who was reading a newspaper’

Diego Maradona

The gymnasia coach Maradonamata’s Diego Maradona is a surprise at the dugout. He is the best of all time, judging by many. But in my personal life, this Maradona is an endless store of controversy! The Argentinian ‘football god’ of the temperament often gets in the headlines for controversial acts. This time, however, it confesses to the past ‘sin’. He was abducted by aliens for three days after being drunk with cocaine, saying he was abducted by aliens.

In a recent interview with Argentine media, TYC Sports, Maradona admitted he lied to his family. Argentina World Cup-winning captain does not know anyone about cocaine addiction! Argentine supporters still suffer from the dope sin of playing at the 1994 World Cup. He was so immersed in the realm of intoxication that he had no knowledge for two or three days. Along the way, Maradona arranged the story of the aliens.

At least Maradona does not bother to criticize anyone on the face.

He likes to talk openly about himself. This time it is said of the past life. Maradona confessed sitting at TYC Sports to discuss, ‘At one time I used to drink lots of cocaine. When I took cocaine, I felt like I was dead. I moved away from my society and my family. ‘

Once he was out of the house for three days consuming excessively, this legend writing in Napoli says, “Once that happened – I disappeared from home for three days due to excessive consumption.” He described the incident on Argentine television, saying, “Back home I told them that the aliens had taken me. I said, ‘They kidnapped me, but I can’t tell you about it.’

Interviews also reveal many more details of the chaotic life of a living legend who won Argentina the 1986 World Cup title. Which includes information like storing sexual experiences when you’re only 13 years old. He was arrested a few days ago by the police. He was detained at Buenos Aires airport and had to go to court after he failed to repay his $ 9 million loans from his ex-girlfriend.

Chasing fans with a gun, showing the Middle Fingers at the Russia World Cup or a new alien-story – Maradona’s life is truly fantastic! see more

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