Roger Federer Face Will Go On Silver Swiss Coin

Roger Federer

The Swiss government has given Roger Federer a unique honor. The legendary tennis star is going to market 20 francs (Swiss coins) with a backhand action image. Federer is the first Swiss to honor the silver coin in January 2020.

The 38-year-old Roger Federer won a record 20 grand slam. Roger Federer is considered by many to be the greatest player in the history of tennis. Naturally the national hero of Switzerland. This star has given a lot of respect to the star who brought so much to the country. Europe’s country’s currency maker ‘Swissmint’ has confirmed that in January of last year, 5,000 coins bearing Federer’s image were coming to the market. Roger Federer’s historical backhand action is embellished with the image of the 20 Frank coin.

A Swissminster spokesperson said

“The Swissmint 20 franc coin is dedicated to Roger Federer’s contribution to the sport, his character, his fluent attitude and his love for the fans.”

It happened for the first time in honor of a living person. ‘Not only that, there is more organizing in Federer’s honor. There will be pictures of this legend in 50 franc coins. Swissmint said 50 francs made of 40,000 gold coins will come to the market in May next year.

Federer is proud of himself in this respect. He shared the sentiment on Twitter, saying ‘thank you to Switzerland and Swissmint for this wonderful honor and benefit.’ See more

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