Unveiling Borna Gojo’s Candid Views on Tennis and Atmosphere

Unveiling Borna Gojo's Candid Views on Tennis and Atmosphere

Borna Gojo, the 25-year-old tennis sensation from Split, Croatia, known for his fiery emotions both on and off the court, recently shared his unfiltered opinions on the world of tennis, the electrifying atmosphere at the US Open, and his aspirations for a potential clash with Novak Djokovic in the fourth round. In a candid press conference at Flushing Meadows, Borna Gojo held nothing back, addressing various topics that have been on his mind.

Embracing the Roar of the Crowd

One thing that sets Borna Gojo apart is his unabashed love for the electric atmosphere of tennis matches. Having played college tennis, he thrives in an environment where fans are encouraged to get loud and passionate. In his own words, “the crazier, the better.” He laments the silence that often accompanies tennis matches, contrasting it with the lively atmosphere of other sports like football. “Tennis is an extremely boring sport,” he admits, advocating for a change in the culture of silence that envelops tennis courts.

Trash-Talk and Rule Changes: Injecting Life into Tennis

Borna Gojo is no stranger to heated moments, recalling incidents from his college days when fans would throw objects and even confront players. He believes that tennis needs a shake-up and suggests radical rule changes. Firstly, he proposes that ball boys should bring towels to players, sparing them from having to walk to retrieve them. He also longs for a bit of rivalry and provocation between players, advocating for trash talk and even shoulder bumps, though he emphasizes that this doesn’t mean resorting to physical altercations. He envisions a more relaxed spectator experience, allowing people to move, talk, and even cheer during points without restrictions.

Swearing on the Court: A Non-Issue for Borna Gojo

Borna Gojo’s candid personality extends to his views on swearing during matches. He dismisses the media’s fascination with it. Comparing it to what happens in football or basketball games. He bluntly states that those who criticize him for swearing should try playing at Wimbledon before passing judgment. He believes it’s all part of the game and something that shouldn’t be sensationalized.

Facing the Prospect of Meeting Novak Djokovic

As he progresses through the US Open, Borna Gojo’s attention remains firmly on his matches. He humorously admits that the sun has left him slightly disoriented and that he isn’t entirely sure who his next opponent is (Jiry Vesely). However, he does express excitement at the prospect of facing Novak Djokovic, acknowledging it as an incredible opportunity.

Athletes and Life Off the Court according to Borna Gojo

Borna Gojo takes a pragmatic view of athletes’ lives off the court, referencing NBA champion Nikola Jokic. He believes that athletes should not be expected to be robots and should be allowed to enjoy a drink or two without constant scrutiny. However, he acknowledges the challenges posed by the omnipresence of recording devices in today’s world.

Respecting the Unique Paths of Tennis Legends

In closing, Borna Gojo expresses admiration for the unique paths followed by tennis legends like Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal. He understands that each player has their own way of life and that it’s not his place to judge. He believes that everyone should do what they feel is best for themselves, both on and off the court.

In a sport often associated with decorum and tradition, Borna Gojo’s refreshing candor and desire for change may well stir up conversations about the future of tennis and its spectator experience. His passion for a livelier atmosphere and more relaxed rules could potentially reshape the sport’s dynamics in the years to come.

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