Nadal dreams of winning 20 Grand Slam

Nadal dreams of winning 20 grand slam

Nadal wants to capture Federer in Grand Slam numbers: At one time, Rafael Nadal was far behind Roger Federer in Grand Slam numbers. But now the gap between the two stars is only one grand slam. Nadal has 19 against Federer’s 20. The Spanish legend dreamed of slamming an equal to the ever-competing Swiss star.

Nadal has a great time for 2019. Grand Slams won the US Open last year after the French Open. The 33-year-old Spaniard will win Federer’s equivalent of 20 grand slams if he wins another title in the new year. The 2020 goal is his clear, dreamy 20th Gland Slam.

In an interview with Spanish sports daily ‘Marca‘, Nadal recounted the dream, “I am on my way, as I have done all my life.” However, reaching my 20 grand slam is my dream. It is bad to have this kind of desire though. ‘

Federer is considered the best tennis player of all time. Can Nadal even sit in that position if he wins the Grand Slams of his time? Nadal himself looks at the matter differently, ‘I will only say this (the best of all time), no matter what to me. I understand your (journalist) point; Media, journalists want to write about the subject. But frankly, I’m really happy to be a part of our history.

Don’t think about the adjectives of the best tennis player, Nadal, ‘I’ve been practicing since that age of 8 years. Even at the age of 33, being able to do the same thing is a huge achievement for me. People are now wondering who is the best, and who is not. I am proud to have been in this group of Sera. ” see more

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