Former Real Madrid star Antonio Cassano asked Ronaldo to retire

Former Real Madrid star Antonio Cassano asked Ronaldo to retire

Let’s stop now! Cristiano Ronaldo is thinking something like this? We have no way of knowing though. However, Ronaldo himself said a few days ago that he wants to play until the 2024 Euros. However, many are suggesting Ronaldo to retire. Many football fans and some football analysts are suggesting retirement for the Portuguese star. Where is Antonio Cassano? The former Italian forward thinks that Ronaldo should please himself and retire.

Ronaldo is not in his best rhythm anywhere, club or national team. Not getting goals in the match after match. Although still on the coach’s list of favorites in the national team, Erik ten Haag is giving a different message.

Ronaldo played 90 minutes in the starting XI in just 1 of 6 Premier League games before the international break. United lost that match 4-0 at Brentford. In the rest of the matches, this forward did not see any goals even though he entered the field as a substitute.

The same is the case with Ronaldo for the national team. However, Fernando Santos trusted him in the Nations League match. However, the trust was not reciprocated. In such a situation, former Real Madrid star Cassano advised Ronaldo to retire.

Former Real Madrid star Antonio Cassano
Former Real Madrid star Antonio Cassano

40-year-old Cassano said in a podcast interview, “At this stage, Cristiano (Ronaldo) should love himself, be kind to himself. It should be understood that if he does not reach a certain stage, he must end his career. He won everything. He is great! But now it is time to retire. Or just spend time on the bench.

Although he advised Ronaldo to retire, Cassano has respect for him. Although he doesn’t like Ronaldo as a player, he said, “I have a lot of respect for CR Seven. But I don’t like him as a player. Messi is like Maradona. He had to leave Argentina at the age of 14 and suffered serious physical problems, which speaks volumes for his sacrifice.’

Portugal failed to reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League after losing to Spain. Ronaldo could not make use of multiple opportunities in the match. Since the match, he has also come under criticism in the Portuguese media. Before the match against Spain, a press headline stated that Portugal would benefit if Ronaldo played less.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo turned to a professional psychologist a few days ago to overcome his depression. He will start a new campaign for United after the international break, this time is very important for him before the World Cup. United’s opponents on Sunday are city rivals Manchester City.

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