The PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi was in “surveillance”.

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi

One was held in a secret location for 10 months. Because he had classified information an allegation recently leveled against PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi. After questioning the two police officers and a former PSG officer who were arrested for money laundering, it was found that they kept Khelaifi under surveillance.

The police investigation revealed that these three had personal information and videos of the PSG president. Along with money laundering, charges of breach of professional confidentiality, corruption, fraud, and illegal entry into the institution have also been charged against these three persons.

Khelaifi is a close relative of the authorities of the Qatari royal family. Allegations of corruption were raised after FIFA chose Qatar as the host of the World Cup. According to the media, Khelaifi had a role in that too. The three men had been keeping Khelaifi under surveillance for a long time, so they wanted to collect videos and recordings of Khelaifi with the Qatari president.

La Perisian reported that N Malik was an official of PSG in October 2021. Khelaifi’s hours of private call recordings and videos of his personal life have been recovered from the former PSG official by the investigating agency.

A person named B Tayeb also had secret documents of Khelaifi. Khelaifi kept that man in a secret place out of fear that he might expose him. By detaining him for months, and applying pressure in various ways, he finally recovered the documents.

After 10 months in detention, the man was released after handing over confidential documents on Khelaifi to his lawyer. The French media “Liberation” reported this news in an investigative report. However, Khelaifi has not yet received any statement on this matter.

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