Lazio beats Juventus 3-1 to win Italian Super Cup in Riyadh

Lazio beats Juventus 3-1 to win Italian Super Cup in Riyadh

Siri ‘What Italian Super Cup. Juventus’ fate has not changed for Latsio in two contests. Latsio again defeated Italian giants Juventus after two weeks. They beat the Turin club and made it to the Italian Super Cup home.

Mauricio Rowe, who had a first-rate bit of taste as a coach for the welfare of this Latseo on 7 December, is in Serie A. Super cup saw rate, it is the same distance!

The most successful Italian Super Cup team scored the first goal in 16 minutes. Luসিsio gets the lead in Luis Alberto’s goal. Paolo Dybala returned to Juventus in the 45th minute but things didn’t work out.

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However, Ronaldo took the original shot in the goal. The Argentine forward scored the goal after returning the shot taken from his left flank. Earlier, the Portuguese man was able to score from the head. But could not put the ball on the head.

Their frustration was further compounded by two more goals in the second half. Latch scored in the 73rd minute and Cataldi’s goal was 3-1 in the added time. Before that, Juventus became a team of 10. Juventus midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur left the field after seeing a red card.

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