Chelsea win but ‘racism’ in talks

Antonio-Rudiger soccer live stream racism

Chelsea has lost two matches in the Premier League. Despite winning Tottenham 2-0, the victory was racism in the discussion!

Chelsea defender Rudiger has been the victim of racism behavior! He witnessed another unexpected event in the second half before that incident. Sun Hyung Min of Tottenham fell in love with him. Everything could have been accommodated just then. Immediately after the sparks winger sits unforgivable offense! Rudiger tries to push his boots with his feet while lying down! Hyeon Min was forced to leave the field after seeing the red card in the reviews.

This is followed by a racist act. The 26-year-old Rudiger indicates he is being sparked by racist behavior around him. When Chelsea’s players brought the matter to referee Anthony Taylor, it was announced three times around the field to prevent racism behavior. The unpredictable behavior of the sparse visitors is even more so. Chelsea goalkeeper Kappa Arijabalgar was also thrown at the ‘object’.

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But Chelsea’s brilliant performances have been overshadowed by the unexpected sparring. The first goal came in the 12th minute when a shot was taken by Willian. The second goal also came from his foot when added in the first half. This goal matched the penalties of the review.

The win made Chelsea’s position in the top four more consistent. Their 32 points in 18 games. Sheffield United is next with 28 points in the match.

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