Real Madrid end the year in disappointment

Real Madrid

Like El Clasico, Real Madrid again lost their chance. Zidane’s disciples lost three times against Athletic Bilbao. The Los Blancos have to end the year with a goalless draw.

Benzema was the top scorer for Real, with several chances on a lively blow in the backyard. His shot cleared from the goal line. Prior to that, Tony Kroos fired a shot at Bilbao’s defense but was hit in the bar.In the second half, similar opportunities were wasted. The shifting dance shot was taken at the bar, and again Luca Yovich’s head went to the left post.

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Bilbao has also spread panic over the protection of Real, who has been frustrated repeatedly. Do not forget that Bilab also lost to Bar ।a at the beginning of the season. Kenan Kodaro scored the team goal. But it was canceled in the offseason. Another shot was saved by a great dive by Real Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Real Madrid ended the year with disappointment after not seeing a goal. They have drawn three matches drawn. Goalless draw with Barca after the 1-1 draw with Valencia. The year-end match is also a goalless draw. Real Madrid has two, with 37 points in 18 matches. Barcelona topped the table with 39 points in the match.

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