‘MSN’ on Suarez’s wedding anniversary

'MSN' on Suarez's wedding anniversary

‘MSN’ reunion Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez are in Barcelona. On the field, they spend many moments together in personal life. With a family like this one going around, two Latin American stars walked together. Going to eat somewhere outside, together. Their warm relationship has also brought the two families together. In that scene, Neymar was accompanied by three men – Messi and Suarez. The Brazilian star has left the famous ‘MSN’ trio after leaving Barcelona in a clash of euros.

Is that true Even though ‘MSN’ has been deleted from the football field, the relationship is still in personal life but as before? Still, their friendship has not diminished so much. The big evidence of this was on Thursday. On the tenth anniversary of Suarez, the reunion was hosted by MSN. Even though Neymar has moved away, Latin has not bothered about the three stars so much.

Suarez’s wedding is celebrated with wife Sofia Balbi at a luxury tourist complex in La Barra, near Punta del Este in Suarez, Uruguay. Messi from Argentina was present with family on Christmas Eve. Neymar also joined him. British tabloid magazine The Sun also published a photo taken by three stars.

Messi was already there, with Neymar joining Santos from Barcelona in 2013.

The following year, the Catalans brought Suarez from Liverpool to form a terrific triple attack. Spanish media named ‘MSN’. But in the summer of 2017, Barca trifle broke when Neymar left New Camp at 222 million euros and left Paris Saint-Germain.

Suarez’s wedding anniversary was accompanied by wife Antonella and son Thiago, who moved to the Messiparis, but Messi and Suarez were regularly contacted by the Brazilian forward. The two stars were also behind Barcelona’s efforts to bring Neymar back to New Camp in this summer’s squad. Although the squad was not successful, Barcelona fans are still hoping to see the ‘MSN’ threesome again at the new camp.

There is also a basis for hope. Tribute won Barcelona in the first season of this trio in 2014-15. Suarez scored 40 goals on the way to winning La Liga, Copa del Rey, and the Champions League. However, what they did next season was a blink of an eye. ‘MSN’ scored a record 131 goals in the flood of opponents’ goals. Trophy case with the domestic doubles of the service led to the Club World Cup and the European and Spanish Super Cup titles.

In the days of Barcelona, ​​’MSN’ was all going on, but in the summer of 2017, Messi ‘left the shadow’ in Neymar to Paris. But once again ‘MSN’ in Barcelona is buzzing. The presence of a Latin three-star at Suarez’s wedding anniversary says they have a relationship in the personal space as before. Now just wait for Barcelona to try! see more

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