Ronaldo will be the coach at some point

Ronaldo will be the coach at some point

How long will Cristiano Ronaldo play well in Juventus? The next 5 February will be 35 years, the question has been around for quite some time. For a footballer, it is not less than thirty-five! When asked about his retirement question last August, Ronaldo said he could bid farewell later this season. He also hinted at playing up to 40 again! This time, another information was given by CR Seven. He has no desire to indulge in coaching immediately after retirement. But that did not eliminate the possibility.

‘Right after retirement, I’m not interested in becoming a coach. But one day the boredom will go away and the desire to coach will be awakened ”- Ronaldo has told future plans to the media DAZN Italy.

After the five-ball D’Or triumph, however, will inspire future generations, ‘When I coach, I will be the inspiration for the team. A coach should instill his passion and talent into the team. For example, on the football field, I like to dribble, shot and score goals in addition to having fun. As inspirational, I should have these things flowing in the team. ‘

Ronaldo is good at Juventus. The Portuguese star, who scored 12 goals in 21 matches this season, said: “I love everything in Juventus. The culture here is rich, it is the best club in Italy. The history of Juventus is extraordinary. Here I am really good. I want to win many, many trophies in this club jersey. ‘ see more

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