Sourav Ganguly “Won My Heart In 40 Minutes”, Reveals Former Pakistan Spinner: Saqlain Mushtaq

Sourav Ganguly and the Saqlain Mushtaq India-Pakistan match means tension in ammo. Sourav Ganguly and Saqlain Mushtaq’s doubles are not expected to be pleasant either. They have been seen several times in their careers. In the field of personal life, it is different, despite the struggles of field battles. The legendary spinner of Pakistan told the story that Sourav had won his mind in just 40 minutes.

They left the bat-ball long ago. Saqlain Mushtaq started his coaching career by missing the jaws of a player’s life. Sourav has been in the chair of the BCCI for some time. Though they are former, there is a tension between India and Pakistan in cricket but as ever. It is equally flowing outside the field. Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif has criticized Sourav’s plans to host a four-nation ‘Super Series’. He thinks that the proposed tournament will be the same as the plan for three-cornered domination in the cricket world.

Sourav’s praise came amid another criticism of Rashid’s voice in another Pakistani Sakalyan. The former spinner pulled off a visit to India in the 2005-06 season. He started like this, ‘India is on tour to England then. I used to play in Sussex. Their three-day fixture was against Sussex, but Sourav did not play in that match. It looks like 2005-06. In two knee surgeries, I had to stay 36-37 weeks. “

It was there that Sourav won his mind. How?

In the process of recovering, Saqlain Mushtaq went to see tour matches in India and Sussex. It was there that Sourav won his mind. How? Sakalyan described, ‘When Sourav looked at me from the balcony while batting in Sussex, I could not see. Sourav comes to our dressing room and offers coffee. There he inquired about my knee status, life, and family. That’s how we started talking. He sat with me for 40 minutes and finally won my mind. ‘

The legendary spinner feels that Sourav will succeed as BCCI president as captain, “Sourav has done a great job as captain of India. I am sure BCCI president but he will take his country cricket far ahead. Good luck, go ahead. ‘ See more.

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