The Best Fifa Football men’s Awards 2019 winners is Messi.

Lionel Messi was not in the top three last year. The Argentine captain also won the FIFA Player of the Year award. He won the FIFA Football crown after defeating arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo and favorite Virgil van Dijk.

Messi won the first prize this year after being named ‘The Best’. Ronaldo won the first two times since the FIFA Football Prize was launched in 2016, and Luca Modric won the last time. This time Messi took a taste of it. The Barcelona forward has beaten Ronaldo-van Dyke by the vote of the national team coach and captain as well as the fans and fans. In all, the FIFA Sixth Annual Prize was handed over to Messi on Monday in a bright ceremony in Milan.

Last season’s Champions League race in Jersey Barcelona was halted against Liverpool. Messi was the highest goal taker of European competition even after leaving the semifinals. The Argentine scored 12 goals in the Champions League in La Liga. Barcelona won the league title in its spectacular performance.

Messi was also the highest scorer in domestic football in Europe for the 2018-19 season. Kylian Mbappe, who is closest to Messi, He scoring 33 goals, And Messi scored 36 Goal.

However, this year’s FIFA Player of the Year was favorite Virgil van Dijk. This was the first time the Dutch defender had won the match for the first time after defeating Ronaldo with Messi in the battle of Uefa. He won the Champions League in Liverpool’s jersey and again played a key role in the Netherlands’ final game in the UEFA Nations League. Still, the verdict of voters has gone in favor of Messi.

Ronaldo was also in discussions!

From Spain to Italy, he has kept up the performance. Juventus won the league title last season. On the other hand, the national team played a crucial role in winning the UEFA Nations League in Portugal.

Luka Modric became FIFA Player of the Year after defeating Ronaldo and Mohammad Salah last year. On the other hand, Messi, who is not in the top three, Now Messi won FIFA excellence this time.

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp has been named FIFA Coach of the Year. The award has been won by the Champions League winners behind Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino. Allison Baker is the best goalkeeper of Liverpool.

FIFA Female Megan Rapinoe of the Year. Jill Ellis has been the female coach of the year.

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