“Losing” with Barcelona, Chelsea “fighting” with City

Prepare To Give Up Hope: Pep Guardiola Has Revealed Manchester City’s Transfer Plans Barcelona

The Barcelona-Chelsea duel has been seen a lot. During the time of Ronaldinho-Xavi-Iniesta and Drogba-Lampard-Terry, several matches of these two teams in the Champions League are still in the eyes of football lovers, the matches that have entered the pages of history.

This change of team shows that these two teams can create a memorable fight even outside the field. But it must be said that the fight, though memorable, is very one-sided. Where Barcelona is going one after another with ‘goals’!

After Rafinha, Barcelona also bought Jules Kunde, showing glimpses in the transfer market
How? Let’s be clear. Chelsea were keen to sign Leeds’ Brazilian winger Rafinha. But Xavier noticed him. Well, after hearing the interest of his childhood favorite club, Rafinha also signed up for Barcelona to do whatever he could at Chelsea. Sevilla’s French defender Jules Cundeo did the same.

In both team changes, Chelsea has given ashes to Barcelona’s excess rice. On the other hand, after learning that Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern, PSG and Chelsea showed interest in bringing this Polish striker, but Laver had only Barca in mind. That is, Chelsea’s loss to Barca here!

Chelsea have set their sights on Manchester City after losing the transfer battle to Barca. Pep Guardiola’s team has been looking to bring in a new left-back for a long time. Ukraine star Oleksandr Zinchenko did even more after leaving the club. Guardiola has long favored Brighton’s Spanish left-back Marc Cuqueraya as a new left-back. Brighton’s effective left-back is a student of Barcelona’s academy La Masia, so former Barcelona coach Guardiola has a good idea of ​​Cucuareya’s abilities.

The 24-year-old left-back jumped £50m in one fell swoop after learning of City’s interest in Cukureira. City do not want to spend a penny more than four million pounds on this left-back. And this is where Chelsea is fighting with City.

Not getting defenders like Kunde, Nathan Ake, Chelsea coach Thomas Tukhel now reached out to this shaky defender. City wants to pay four million pounds, but Chelsea is ready to pay the full five million pounds according to Brighton’s demand.

According to transfer journalist Fabrizio Romano, the Spaniard is in talks with Chelsea over personal pay and bonuses. If the two teams reach an agreement on the price, Chelsea will become the dog. And in the battle of change of team to Barca one after another, Chelsea will taste the victory by defeating City!

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