Why Ronaldo left the field before the end of the match against Viocano

Atletico fans don't want Ronaldo, online protest is going on Cristiano Ronaldo will not stay in the Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo played in Manchester United’s jersey for the first time this season. The friendly match against Rayo Viocano, however, did not go well for the Portuguese star. After 45 minutes of the first half, coach Erik ten Haag took him off the field. Because of that anger, he left the stadium before the end of the game. Although Manchester United is saying about the matter, “It doesn’t matter.” Ronaldo left the field after informing us.

Manchester United could not win the match against Viocano yesterday. The game was drawn 1-1. However, the incident of Ronaldo leaving this stadium has raised questions about his future in Manchester. The British papers say Ronaldo’s withdrawal after 45 minutes means Ten Haag’s plans for the new season are not Ronaldo-centric at all. Ronaldo was seen talking to the Dutch coach while being taken off the field. The discussion was not very friendly, the British media said.

Ronaldo does not want to play in the jersey of Manchester United this season. United are not in the Champions League this time – this is the reason why Ronaldo did not agree. He doesn’t want to be out of the Champions League at all. For that reason, he discussed with the possible-impossible destination through the agent. Among those destinations are Bayern Munich, PSG, Chelsea and even Atletico Madrid. There are also rumors that Ronaldo will return to his hometown of Sporting Lisbon only to play in the Champions League.

Bayern, PSG have already announced that they will not take, Ronaldo left Already

However, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel also does not want to take Ronaldo. Atletico cannot afford Ronaldo’s salary. Now Ronaldo is in such a situation that he wants to leave Manchester United even if the salary is reduced. However, after discussing with Ronaldo, United said, “You are not going anywhere.”

Ronaldo may have accepted his fate. Rayo Viocano was also seen training at Carrington before the match with a smile on his face, with photos circulating on social media. But the situation is complicated again when coach Chen Haag took him off the field.

Although Manchester United did not open their mouths about Ronaldo’s departure from the stadium after the match, they gave their statement about it today. According to Sky Sports, Manchester United have no problem with the matter. They said that Ronaldo and some other players left the stadium before the end of the game.

Ten Haag replaced Ronaldo and brought Amad Diallo off the field in the second half. He put the team ahead in the 48th minute. However, Viocano leveled the match with Eric Garcia’s goal.

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