Sergio Aguero isn’t convinced by Manchester City decision to let Raheem Sterling leave

Manchester City

This time, Manchester City is making a big change in the attack. For the last one-and-a-half years, the team that has been playing without a striker has now brought one of the world’s best strikers, Arling Holland, to the team. In making way for Holland, two-star players such as Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus, who were instrumental in City winning the league last season, have left the club, on whom much of City’s wing-plan depended.

Not only Holland, but Julián Alvarez also signed for City. He is also a striker like Holland. It is understood that this time City’s attack plan will depend a lot on the strikers. City’s sudden reliance on strikers after not relying on them at all for the last one-and-a-half years has left legendary striker Sergio Aguero wondering. The city’s party change plan does not enter his mind. Aguero does not understand why Pep Guardiola sold a winger like Raheem Sterling in particular.

Manchester City sold Sterling to Chelsea for five million pounds.

Chelsea has the potential to be one of their main rivals in the title race. All in all, the decision to sell Sterling is strange to Aguero. This Argentinian striker revealed on his Twitch channel, ‘I don’t understand why Sterling was sold. There are times when the City makes strange decisions.’

On the other hand, Aguero was not satisfied with the game with Holland in the Community Shield. According to Aguero, it is difficult to succeed in the English Premier League! because the quality of defenders here is very good, and he was very used to playing in the German league. He thought it would be the same in England. He thought he was alone during the game, but after a while, von Dijk came and told him “Welcome to the Premier League!”

Another City striker, Julián Alvarez, spoke to compatriot Aguero before joining City, said the most successful striker in City’s history, ‘He (Alvarez) sent me a message to know how the weather was. I said it’s very cold here!’

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