Some cricketers and coaches are reluctant to go to Pakistan: BCB on Pakistan’s security

I don't think there is any reason to doubt Pakistan's security system. I've seen it myself. The girls are gone, the under-5 teams are gone. I also got feedback from them that the system is good.

The Sri Lankan cricket team, which recently became Pakistan’s ban on international cricket after the militant attack on the Sri Lankan Test team in Lahore in 2009, played two Tests recently in Pakistan 10 years later. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) says Pakistan’s security is now completely safe. There is no risk for any team to play in Pakistan. Bangladesh is scheduled to travel to Pakistan in the last week of January. For the full tour, Pakistan is applying its usual psychological pressure on the BCB.

But the coaching staff of the Bangladesh team is not fully convinced of the security situation in Pakistan. Bangladesh are willing to play only the three-match Twenty20 series without a full tour of their objections. BCB has previously informed the PCB. Following the BCB’s decision, the coach and captain, from the head of Pakistan’s board, have been critical of Bangladesh. However, the BCB stands firm in their decision. For the past few days, the upcoming visit of the Bangladesh cricket team to Pakistan has been one of the highlights of the country. BCB President Nazmul Hasan was in the face of the media on Thursday with the visit. What the BCB president has said in response to various questions from journalists, is what readers have highlighted –

Pakistan's security

Q: The Pakistan series has been under discussion for the past few days. What is Bangladesh’s position at the moment?

Nazmul Hasan: The talks are still going on, the tour is still in process. It’s not like the final decision has been made. There are many issues with the Pakistan series. There are many stakeholders. One thing is, are we going to play? The matter of the game is the board’s decision. There is so much more on the board. There are players, coaching staff. They are of the opinion that what will not go. There is another thing, getting a security clearance from every department of the government. We have to decide everything.

Q: But does the BCB have any questions on Pakistan’s security?

Nazmul Hasan: I don’t think there is any reason to doubt Pakistan’s security system. I’ve seen it myself. The girls are gone, the under-5 teams are gone. I also got feedback from them that the system is good. But there are many things beyond Pakistan’s security system. Many of the coaching staff have already said they will not go. Some may go, for a short time. But most do not want to go. Some cricketers are not willing to go. There are others, who are willing to go but for a short time. One of the big things in their decision is family. Their parents, relatives are all worried, anxious. They are also saying, what if it does not go to Pakistan? Another factor is how long such a security system can hold. How long can you stay in a closed environment! The cricketers with whom I have spoken, almost all have said that we do not want to stay for such a long time. Those who are willing to go also want to return to play three Twenty20 matches a week. Maybe this experience will help you on a long trip to Pakistan in the future.

Question: Is there any possibility of playing Test in Pakistan after the Twenty20?

Nazmul Hasan: We have informed them that we will try to play the Twenty20 series. But it depends on two things. One is if the cricketers and coaching staff agree, if we can make a good team, we will send. Second, the government has to get exemptions from every place. We got one (exemption) from one place, the rest will be available in two days. Once I get that, I can make the final decision. When we go to Pakistan, we will take people from DGFI, NSI and those places besides our security.

Q: Is the date of the Twenty20 series final?

Nazmul Hasan: A final decision has not yet been made. But if the Twenty20 is in Pakistan, and the test is in a neutral venue, then the date may change.

Question: The President of Pakistan, Ehsanmani, has questioned the role of Bangladesh. He also commented that Pakistan’s security system is better than India’s security system. What is the interpretation of BCB in this context?

Nazmul Hasan: It’s his thing. I don’t want to say that. We have to decide. We have no idea what they are saying. Our thoughts are with our board. We’re not saying we won’t go. However, for the first time ever, some cricketers may have in mind. There was no question of forcibly sending someone to Pakistan.

Q: Is there any chance of changing that thinking of not playing Test in Pakistan?

Nazmul Hasan: Very little. So far the situation that the cricketers and coaching staff talk to, I don’t think there is a chance to change it.

Q: Test with Pakistan is part of two World Test Championships. In that case, what could happen to the fate of the Test Championship?

Nazmul Hasan: We sincerely believe they will understand our situation and arrange a test series at a neutral venue. That’s what they did in the West Indies. Where is the problem to make in our case? Secondly, we want cricket back in their country. Don’t hesitate. But after all this time we are going, we have to think about the cricketers, the coaching staff as well. They want to go once before and see how the situation goes. It may be that the schedule of the game may be new again. Or if the situation goes to the extreme (Extreme Case), then arbitration-type will be something.

Q: Will the players be forced?

Nazmul Hasan: We didn’t tell anyone that we had to go. We ask for their opinion. Many have said that if they go for a short time, they can go. He also said he would talk to the family. How long can you stay in prison for a long time! There is also a psychological thing! Many of the star cricketers have said that it is not fair to go to the Twenty20. In that case, the concern is whether or not we can send our core team. Pakistan should understand this. If the seniors say they can’t go, then the juniors will not agree. So what do I have to do? Everything depends on the situation. ‘

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